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Collectors Items

All items that are listed in this section are "WYSIWYG" (what you see is what you get).
The coral pictured is the EXACT specimen you will receive. Unless listed as Cut to Order Stock Frags.

We use Photoshop only to blackout the background for visual aesthetic purposes. 
We do not use Photoshop to saturate nor adjust the coloration in an image.  
When shopping with us, you can shop with confidence.
You will receive the actual coral shown in the photo.

In order to give the coral time to adjust it's important to properly acclimate new corals to your specific lighting and water parameters.

Newly shipped corals could bleach from being exposed to direct light too quickly. It's normal for corals to arrive with less coloration after shipping. Shipping is a very stressful event. It's also normal for a newly shipped coral to look different depending on the lighting spectrum, and intensity.