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About Us

Gabriel S. Coral Reef Specialist/Founder of Marine Pleasures LLC
Edith Ll. Business Administrator/Co-Founder of Marine Pleasures LLC


Marine Pleasures is a Family-owned and operated business, Established in 2020. Coral farm facility located in L.A. Co-owners of Imports Since 2016. Marine Pleasures was second founded to provide fully Qted livestock for the Saltwater Aquarium Hobby. Specializing in fully Chemoprophylaxis QT. for marine fish & fully conditioned high-end Corals. All Fish and Corals are expertly hand-picked by the owner. 

High-end Coral collector and marine hobbyist since 2012.  

Marine Pleasures stands by maintaining high standards. Our mission is to get all Fish and Corals thriving. Our goal is to help you achieve yours.

In our facility, every fish gets treated with the same utmost value and respect while maintaining strict procedures, whether is a $3.00 Damsel-fish or a $30.000 Angel-fish.