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Quick Acclimation Guide

Our recommendation is a Drip Acclimation Method, being considered the most effective and advanced method towards sensitive fish such as Angelfish, Anthias, Wrasses, Invertebrates and others. it allows for a much smoother transition. (severe stress or trauma may result from sudden changes).

Step by step Acclimation Procedure:


1. Float the sealed bag in your aquarium for 15-20 min. Allowing the water to slowly acclimate to the temperature in your aquarium (must keep the bag closed).

2. After the desired temperature has been reached, remove the sealed bag from the aquarium. Quickly open the bag(s) into a 3-5-gallon bucket. (no additive is necessary while acclimating).

3. With a piece of tubing or an acclimation drip kit run a siphon drip line from aquarium water into the bucket. Allow and adjust for a siphon drip of about 2-4 drips per second. Wait until the water volume has doubled, this should take around 20-25 minutes. When water volume has doubled, reduce by half, and repeat 2-3 more times.

4. Using a clear container gently scoop your fish out of the bucket (must avoid netting the fish).

5. Discard as much water as possible and gently release your fish into the aquarium (never release enclosed water directly into the aquarium). As it can negatively impact biological filtration.

6. Maintain your lights off for at least 2 hours. (severe stress or trauma may result from sudden exposure to bright light. It is recommended to turn off the lights.

(It will be normal for the fish to not eat right away, and most likely hide).

Marine Pleasures Tips for Success!

• Patience is a key element of success!

• Using an acclimation box is highly recommended.

Never rush the acclimation procedure.

• Avoid stressing the fish at all cost.

• Never place an air stone into the shipping bag or acclimation bucket, (it will increase pH and expose your fish to lethal ammonia).