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Coral Lighting Acclimation Guide

When you receive your new corals, please follow our acclimation guide. We recommend turning the aquarium lights off before placing your new corals in the tank. Keep aquarium lights off until the next morning. Place your new corals at the very far side corners of the tank where the light is least intense. You can use a frag rack in a shady spot on the side of your tank. 

If you wish to mount your new corals to its final placement from day one, we recommend using an "acclimation mode" Start the light acclimation by dimming the lights by 50%, slowly increase the intensity over the course of 30 days. 

Bleaching usually happens when a coral is stressed, shipping is the most stressful event for corals. The darkness of the shipping box can cause stress. Newly shipped corals are prone to bleaching from being exposed to direct bright light too quickly.