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Marine Pleasures Routine Maintenance Program

Our routine maintenance program includes all the following:

• Cleaning of your tank and equipment, including external surfaces.

• Complete testing water parameters, this includes, Temperature, pH, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and alkalinity.

• Siphon out detritus from gravel or substrate.

• Algae prevention treatment .

• Continued monitoring and stabilizing of water salinity levels, marine salt included.

• Cleaning and change chemical filtration media.

• Empty the protein skimmer collection cup.

• Clean covers and lighting fixtures of algae and salt deposits.

• Remove and clean corals, rockwork and ornaments. 

• Check inventory of food, including expiration dates, replenish as necessary.

• Water changes.

• Visual check equipment, air and flow to ensure proper working condition.

• Visual check of fish/coral disease.