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NYOS REEFER Test Kit - ( Nitrate )


NYOS REEFER Test Kit - ( Nitrate )

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High sensitivity seawater nitrate test kit
  • highly sensitive reagents
  • professionally calibrated color chart
  • differentiated color gradations
  • precise sliding comparator
  • sample tubes made of glass
Technical Details
  • Number of Tests:40
  • Measurement Range: 1 – 160 mg/l NO3
NYOS® REEFER test kits - taking measurements at the laboratory level at an attractive price

Water properties as close to nature are the key for every aquarium`s success. However, monitoring relevant parameters in seawater is difficult due to numerous interfering ions. Therefore, test kits considering the specific characteristics of seawater are needed to analyse the water precisely.

NYOS® REEFER test kits offer the customer two significant benefits:

One, highly precise analyses for seawater conditions. Two, they offer a highly attractive price-performance ration and make test kits in laboratory quality affordable for the standard hobby user.

Additional characteristics of our REEFER test kits:
  • calibrated dropper made by a German manufacturer ensures uniform drops during all repeat tests
  • reagents are made in Germany in accordance with EN ISO 9001
  • reagents are analyzed according to AAS and NIST standards
  • strict batch and quality control
  • easy to use with intuitive pictogram instructions
  • Made in Germany
NYOS® REEFER test kits allows you to achieve precise and most importantly reproducible (i.e. in repeat measurements identical) measuring results.

Specific characteristics of NITRATE REEFER
  • high-precision nitrate test with highly sensitive reagents: Measuring range of 1 to 160 mg/l nitrate
  • professionally calibrated, optically measured to seawater adapted full spectrum colour chart differentiated colour gradations in the lower range
  • black background on color charts for better contrast
  • precise sliding comparator made of black EPS
  • top quality sample tubes made of glass
  • for approx. 40 tests